The EDUCOM Events for the Education of your children

Milan – Friday 6 May 2022

Cocktail Conference
“Meet British and Swiss Boarding Schools”

from 18h to 20h30 (RSVP only)

EDUCOM selection of the best British and Swiss Boarding Schools.

Conference at 18h30 on the Benefits of Boarding School Education. (approximately 30 min)

Centro Svizzero
2 Via Palestro
20121 Milan

(RSVP here)

Milan – Saturday 7 May 2022

Consultation Day on Summer Camps and
Language Courses

From 10h to 18h

Come and discover our large variety of programmes, for children aged 6- to 22-year-old.

Benefit from a one-to-one meeting with Carol Panchaud and her team.

The Directors of Summer Camps worldwide will answer all your questions.

Centro Svizzero
2 Via Palestro
20121 Milan

(open entrance)

Carol Panchaud Educom sàrl|Route de Givrins 26, CH – 1276 Gingins|