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Are you looking to optimise your child’s education ?

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Make the most of our customised support and advice to offer the best educational solutions to your child.

Our solutions

Each and every child is unique! To meet your specific needs, EDUCOM favours a personal approach to provide you with tailor-made solutions selected for you.

Is your child between 6 and 22 years old? Starting out in a new language or already bilingual? Shy or extrovert, failing at school or a gifted pupil? Already decided on his/her choice of career or hesitating between two pathways? Creative, sporty, arty… Whatever the situation, EDUCOM is at your disposal to build together the most suitable educational project. Our solutions always match as closely as possible your request, your child’s needs, as well as meeting your requirements as parents.


Find the programme that best suits your child’s needs, abilities and requirements, including intensive language courses, sports academies, creative arts, a university campus, language exams or a humanitarian project.


Find the best educational strategy based on your child’s needs, abilities, and motivations (transition year, finishing off their schooling, language immersion programme for a term, etc).


Through coaching techniques combined with ability and personality tests, gain an understanding of your child’s motivations and talents to define the right study path and draw future university plans.


Our range of services allows you to plan an efficient Gap Year to prepare your child for university or to gain in maturity and experience (a foundation year, language exam, work, and study programme, and so forth).


Maximise your child’s chances of going to their preferred university thanks to a strategic selection of establishments and all-inclusive support for preparing their applications (UK, USA, Canada, Netherlands, Italy, Spain, Switzerland, Norway, Australia, etc).

One family dedicated to your family

EDUCOM Carol Panchaud was founded in 2001 by Carol Panchaud.

Based in Geneva, EDUCOM is quickly recognised for its expertise and knowledge in summer camps, language courses and boarding schools counselling. Carol's professional approach means she is totally focused on her clients and gives them 100% personalised advice - which is why EDUCOM quickly gained an international reputation.

Carol Panchaud and her daughters, Aurélie and Victoria Panchaud
Carol Panchaud and her daughters, Aurélie and Victoria Panchaud

Our mission

EDUCOM Carol Panchaud is at your disposal to help you find innovative educational solutions on the international stage.

From primary school to integrating the professional world, EDUCOM prepares your child to be a fully-fledged actor of the future generations.


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The different solutions for learning a language

Speaking several languages is a definite advantage in today's globalised culture. It contributes to many benefits, such as personal fulfilment, open-mindedness, improved international opportunities, intercultural communication, and cognitive development.

Alternatives to Baccalaureate or Maturità

Your child experiencing difficulties at school? A high school diploma seems inaccessible and creates tensions at home? Yet your child is lively and witty, and you're convinced that he or she will flourish beyond the school benches?

Consultation Day on Summer Camps Paris

03.02.2024 | 10h00 - 17h00
EDUCOM is delighted to invite you for a unique consultation day, to help you find the best summer camp for your child.

Consultation Day on Summer Camps Geneva

06.02.2024 | 9h00 - 15h30
EDUCOM is delighted to invite you for a unique consultation day, to help you find the best summer camp for your child.