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One family dedicated to your family! Every situation and every child is unique! To meet your specific needs, EDUCOM favours a personal approach to analyse and draw up the “student profile” with great accuracy.

Is your child between 6 and 22 years old? Starting out in a new language or already bilingual? Shy or extrovert, failing at school or a gifted pupil? Already decided on his/her choice of career or hesitating between two pathways? Creative, sporty, arty… Whatever the situation, EDUCOM is at your disposal to build together the most suitable educational project. Our solutions always match as closely as possible your request, your child’s needs, as well as meeting your requirements as parents.

EDUCOM does not have ready-made solutions: since each request brings with it a new, tailor-made answer that meets your own specific criteria.

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Carol, Aurélie and Victoria will give you 100% personal, individual advice based on their deeply held values of support and careful listening. Every application is discussed with an in-depth exchange of ideas regarding your expectations and the needs of your children, with the aim to accompany you on their educational journey to give them the best chance of success.

From summer camps to schools abroad, from pre-university programmes to vocational guidance and selecting universities, EDUCOM offers guidance to parents and students, each step of the educational journey. Our solutions always match your request as closely as possible; they are adapted to the profile of every child, and we ensure they meet your requirements as parents.

  • Bespoke advice and recommendations
  • Tailor-made solutions to meet your needs
  • Vocational guidance and development tools adapted to your goals
  • Close partnerships with a select group of schools, language institutes and summer camps

EDUCOM is your partner to give your child's education an international dimension.

EDUCOM is at your side every step of the way. We are even your number-one point of contact for the entire duration of your child's stay abroad - which gives parents a real sense of security.

For language courses and boarding schools, our advice and recommendations are free !