About us External Collaborators

To strengthen the team on various strategic markets, EDUCOM collaborates with local specialists who share the same passion for education. They support the team and help to develop EDUCOM’s client network.

27.11.23 Dagmar Brenneisen aus Speyer ist freie Lektorin und Übersetzerin für die Sprachen Englisch, Französisch und Deutsch

Dagmar Brenneisen

International education has always been of great interest to Dagmar, mother of three sons. After her Master's degree in Linguistics and Literature (English, French and Spanish) and her training as a secondary school teacher, Dagmar lived and taught in France, Switzerland and the US for several years. From 1999, she worked as an advisor for a German boarding school consultancy. Together with Carol Panchaud, she set up their Swiss office on Lake Geneva.

For the past twenty years, Dagmar has worked as a literary translator and continues to do so. In spring 2023, she had the opportunity to collaborate once again with Carol for EDUCOM, returning to educational counselling. Today, Dagmar offers her advice to parents and children in German speaking countries.


Barbara Zanon

As a mother of four, Barbara was very involved on the PTA during her children’s school years. In addition, she holds a Bachelor in International Relations and a Master in Communication. Very active in the family business, she also did volunteer work in fundraising for the Swiss Red Cross.

Barbara met with Carol for advice on educational services and joined EDUCOM in 2008 to develop the Italian network. Although she lives in Switzerland for 40 years, her family and ties with Italy remain strong.