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EDUCOM's services and recommendations are free. They are designed to help you choose the summer camp or language course best suited to the needs, abilities, and motivation of your child (an intensive course, sports or creative arts academy, university campus, humanitarian programme, and so forth).

EDUCOM analyses every situation individually through personal contact with the parents and student. We help with the registration formalities, the departure abroad and, above all, we remain the link between you and your child for the entire duration of the course.

  • Summer camps are intended mainly for children from 5 to 18 years old. They usually consist of two or three-week programmes on a school campus. The children are cared for and supervised day and night. Some programmes offer the possibility to study a language or participate in an academy (an intensive training) in a specific sport or activity. Evening activities and excursions are organised
  • Language courses are intended for “young adults” (16 and over) who wish to learn or improve a language. The language school organises courses of varying intensity with the option of preparing for an exam. The young adults are accommodated in halls of residence (from the age of 18) or stay with a host family. Apart from the language lessons, they are free to choose how they spend their time.

We also offer language immersion programmes for professionals : a genuine performance accelerator.

  • Do you have to prepare an important presentation in German ? Or perhaps you must upgrade your English or Italian ? Or break into a new market in Brazil, Russia, Argentina, or China ?
  • Save time learning the language on an immersion course or at an intensive training centre. A one-week course is equivalent to four to five months of conventional private language lessons !

We work in collaboration with over 250 organisations - language institutes and summer camps - worldwide. We develop real partnerships with the selected schools so we can offer parents a high-quality service. We update the list of organisations every year so we can meet your expectations in the best possible way.

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