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University counselling

Maximise your chances of getting into the university of your choice

The university counselling service aims to help you select the universities that are best suited to the student’s profile and supports you throughout the whole admission process.

As a specialist in university counselling, Aurélie Panchaud helps you determine an application strategy suited to the student’s profile (country of studies, area of studies, predicted grade, etc.).

University counselling takes place over 2 stages:

WHERE to study ? – selection of universities
Selection of suitable universities, according to the studies chosen. Validation of admission conditions (minimum grades, language exam, etc.).

HOW to apply ? – put together the application file
Developing the academic plan. Advice and support at all stages of the process (academic prerequisites, admission tests, letters of recommendation, managing deadlines, etc.). Help and support in writing personal essays: advice, corrections, input on presenting arguments, etc.

Stage 1:
1,000 CHF per country (excluding tax and VAT)
Step 2:
UK - 2'000 CHF (HT)
Canada - 2'000 CHF (HT)
US - 4'000 CHF (HT)
Italy, Spain ou Other - 2'000 CHF (HT)

25% discount on the 3rd country (excluding USA)
50% discount on the 4th country (excluding USA)

Information request

Fill the online questionnaire Questionnaire

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