The benefits of summer camps

At EDUCOM, we're convinced that going to a summer camp holds many advantages beyond the simple fact of learning a language. Professional deviation, you might say! In this article, we'd like to outline the various benefits of an experience abroad, which can be gained even during the shortest stays.

Going on a summer camp means stepping out of your comfort zone and into the unknown. This experience, which sometimes frightens parents as much as children, allows them to grow and discover the world in their own way. This encourages the child’s personal development and helps them to gain essential life skills. Plunged into a new, stimulating, and demanding environment, your child will also have to learn to manage stress effectively. Without realising it, they will acquire skills in managing their emotions, adaptability, and resilience in the face of unexpected situations.

These trips enable children and young adults to make decisions for themselves and become more independent. They learn practical skills such as time management, taking responsibility and problem solving. All qualities that will be useful in their adult lives.

This risk-taking comes with many other benefits, such as discovering new passions and interests they might not have otherwise experienced. Indeed, summer camps offer a wide range of activities and workshops. Children will have the opportunity to discover new areas of interest, develop their talents or explore new passions. It’s the ideal way to broaden horizons and stimulate curiosity! And best of all, they’ll be developing their self-confidence without even realising it.

Facing up to new experiences and overcoming them successfully are natural and fabulous tools for developing self-confidence. It shows them that they can take on new challenges and achieve their goals. Here again, the path continues for the child, who will develop their ability to adapt and their flexibility in the face of change; all skills that are in great demand in today’s world or at work.

Summer camps are also places for socialising. They offer unique opportunities to meet new friends, work in teams and connect with other children who share similar interests. This encourages social development, as well as communication, empathy, and conflict resolution.

In the same vein, it’s worth mentioning the countless long-lasting relationships that are forged during summer camps. The friendships made, the experiences shared, and the highlights of the camp often remain with children for many years. And who knows, perhaps later, these strong friendships will come in handy for a professional opportunity or simply the excuse for a trip abroad.

Finally, it’s worth mentioning the aspect around mobile phones. What parent doesn’t dream of getting their child away from these devastating and time-consuming tools? Summer camps often offer a welcome break from constant technology. Mobile phones are left aside during lessons and group activities. Disconnected from their electronic devices, children can reconnect with nature, enjoy the outdoors, and develop a healthy relationship with technology when they return.

Convinced by our arguments? All you have to do is find out for yourself. At EDUCOM we work with over 250 organisations worldwide. Our mission is to find the right camp for your child. Don’t hesitate to call us – our services are free, so everyone can benefit.