How to find the right Summer Camp for your child?

You are looking for a Summer Camp for your child? In a safe, caring, qualitative environment? Where they will be able to play sports, learn and grow?

Naturally, you went surfing on the Internet to find solutions and now feel overwhelmed by the sheer number of offers out there… Not surprising! The Internet is overflowing with offers of all kinds, varying in theme, destination, price, and quality! So how can you be sure you’re making the right choice?

The first question to answer: is your child ready to leave?

There is no age for sending your child to a summer camp! Some camps host very young children (from the age of 3) … But not all children jump for joy at the idea of going abroad, away from home… That’s why it’s so important to find the right camp so that both you and your child feel comfortable with the project. One thing’s for sure: a successful first stay will encourage the desire to renew the experience the following year. If your child feels anxious about the idea of leaving home, try to find a friend or sibling to go with them. Choose a camp with a high ratio of staff to children. Choose a camp with less intensive lessons or none. There will always be an opportunity to increase the number of course hours for future experiences.

What is the aim of the stay?

Perfecting your language skills, continuing to practice your favourite sport during the holidays, taking a drama class to boost your self-confidence, going on a humanitarian mission to enhance your CV, finding the right programme to accommodate two siblings where each child has their own specific hobby… There are countless ways your children can enrich themselves during the summer. The choice will depend on their age, academic level, preferences, ambitions… and your requirements!

When it comes to learning a language, for example, there are several ways of progressing. You’re obviously familiar with the ‘classic’ formula, with lessons in the morning and activities in the afternoons. Here again, there are different levels of intensity of the courses given. Some camps offer lessons only in the morning, while others will extend the lessons over part of the afternoon. Some camps will focus on the basics of grammar and vocabulary, while others will offer classes based on oral expression through debates, public speaking, and presentation skills, for students who already have a certain level of English.

But there are also camps run entirely in English (or another language) where there are no language lessons. The children learn through a sport, an artistic activity or simply through outdoor challenges or teamwork.

Finally, there are solutions in the USA or Canada offering a total immersion. From an early age, all young Americans leave for Camp during 4 to 8 weeks during the summer. With cabins of 8 to 12 beds, situated by to a lake and a forest, Summer Camps offer every imaginable range of sporting and aquatic activities, and much more! Your child may not be sitting in a classroom taking grammar lessons… but as these camps are 98% American, his or her immersion will be total. And their progress in spoken English will be quite impressive.

For students who are a little further in age and who already have a good level of English (B2 or C1), there are some fabulous programmes in England and the United States to enrich their knowledge in a particular field. Business, Philosophy, Architecture, International Relations… you name it! These programmes, for students aged 15 to 18, offer a unique insight into what it’s like to study a subject at university level. Each subject area follows a specially designed syllabus designed to combine theoretical knowledge with practical application. A great way to start building a CV already in High School!

The perfect solution for every child!

Every child is unique. Whether they are 6 or 22 years old, beginner or bilingual, shy or extravert, struggling in school or achieving excellent results, literary, creative, sportive, or artistic, we will find the solution for them. We are by your side before, during and after the amazing experiences we propose. At EDUCOM, we make sure we find the best solution for every child, every situation, every need. That’s our mission.

Depending on the age, the state of mind, the abilities, and interests of your child, you will find below a sample of options that could fit their needs:

Edward, 7 years old, sportive and whose mother would like him to spend time in an Anglo-Saxon environment: camps entirely managed in English (in Switzerland or England), adapted for younger children, offering learning through outdoor activities.

Ludovica, 12 years old, good student, without any specific passion, but a little behind in English: camps offering morning language lessons and afternoon multiactivity is the perfect combination for her.

Paul, 14 years old, loves tennis and already fluent in English: a summer camp without any language lessons. The student chooses a sport or two in which he/she will have intensive training throughout the day. Being immerge in the English language, he will practice his favourite sport: golf, tennis, horse riding, dance, basketball, sailing, hockey and many more!

Fiona, 15 years old, is more creative than academic, but must progress in English. Many artistic options are available: design, fashion, cooking, media, film production, music,… And obviously, all of them in English.

Lucia and Isabella, 16 years old, love travelling and would like to have a volunteering experience. A journey through a country will allow them to be immersed in the local culture while doing some community service and leadership activities. These fantastic trips, mainly comprised of American students, are an excellent way to combine enrichment, cultural discovery and English language.

Matteo, 17 years old, hesitates between two professional streams. There are many pre-university programmes in the US or the UK allowing students to experience their chosen subject. They encourage choice of direction through courses and practice. All in English, for progress in many fields, including business, economics, law, international relations, psychology, architecture, engineering, artificial intelligence, medicine, and neuroscience…

EDUCOM’s added value?

EDUCOM works in partnership with a select group of summer camps, all chosen with the highest standards of quality, commitment, and safety in mind. Every year we reassess the quality of the services offered by our partners so we can guarantee that they always meet our demanding criteria. This way, you can always be sure that the organisation your child is enrolled in is serious, provides high-quality lessons and offers a safe environment.

EDUCOM is also constantly looking for new organisations so we can offer more in-depth, interesting programmes to prepare your children for the demands of the next generation.

EDUCOM provides you with comprehensive support at every stage of the process. We always start by listening attentively to your needs: how old is your child, their level, motivation, requirements and so forth. The goal is to fully understand the context of each individual so we can find the best solution for you and your child. Whatever the request, EDUCOM provides solutions that meet your needs. And if they don’t exist, we’re also here to find alternatives!

From registration to confirmation of the holiday: EDUCOM is there to help you every step of the way. We also help you organise transfers to and from the airports. Finally, we remain your privileged contact throughout your child’s stay! In addition, every parent is given the EDUCOM emergency number before their child departs. This is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week during the summer so that we can help you if necessary. You can contact us at any time for any emergency: we are here to act immediately and find a solution.

Finally, all our services are free! You will never pay more through EDUCOM than you would by registering directly online. How can that be? Because we don’t mark up our prices or charge application fees. We are commissioned by the organisations we work with.

Off you go!

Going to a holiday camp is an unforgettable experience for many children. It’s a chance to learn about another culture, make friends, gain independence, and improve their language skills. The promise of a summer rich in learning of all kinds. At EDUCOM, we’ll help you find the right solution for your child so that, like so many others, they too can benefit from this experience to grow, discover new horizons, and be enriched by all that the world of education has to offer.