A language camp is far more than just a linguistic experience: it’s preparing your children for tomorrow’s challenges !

Your child can learn a new language several ways. Fortunately, as there are many ways for him to progress outside the school premises. Here are some alternatives: leaving for a short or long-term boarding school experience, taking language courses, during a gap year, by traveling, with extra-curriculars, by using multimedia content.

In this article, we will specifically discuss language courses and their benefits, both for the present and for the future of your child. Benefits with an impact, both on your child’s personality and professional future. Of course, today he or she is only 12 to 18 years old. However, one day, which will come faster than you expect, he will be an adult with a personal life and a career. Read along to discover the many benefits of this experience abroad.

Autonomy and adaptation

Your child leaving for a linguistic adventure? It is likely that this is his first trip abroad without you. A situation that fosters autonomy and, therefore, the ability to cope with new and take one’s own decisions. Studies have shown that autonomy leads to better social integration and greater resistance to frustration. In any case, rest assured, he or she is not propelled alone in the middle of nowhere. He will attend a well-organised programme, managed by professional educators, and surrounded by other children living the exact same experience.

When he arrives, almost everything is unusual or new to him. He faces this and, without your reassuring presence, he adapts to the circumstances. This increases his ability for autonomy and capacity to adapt! An achievement that he will no doubt rush to tell you about. And more importantly that will serve him throughout his life. Indeed, compliance is a skill that will enable them to meet new challenges, solve problems quickly and make wise decisions. It turns out to be one of the most sought-after skills by recruiters.

Getting out of your comfort zone

As for all of us, your child’s everyday life is punctuated with habits. Participating in a summer camp causes a change in his routine. One of the main changes being your absence, which we have already discussed above. In this situation, he faces many opportunities to connect with others. If he wants to be understood, make friends, or be stimulated, he must get out of his comfort zone. And, while it can be frightening for him and for you, it has several benefits: increasing his self-confidence, learning to manage failure, overcoming his fears, developing his creativity, discovering his talents, and using them. Yes, learning to push your limits leads to a dynamic life !

Multicultural openness and friendships

Travelling is a sign of dynamism and openness. It means going to the unknown to learn with strangers. This is the case for your child as well as all the other participants. Teenagers from all backgrounds. This fosters multicultural openness, which is essential wherever he lives in the future, regardless of where he will be working. Indeed, multiculturalism is increasingly encouraged in business.

It is undeniable that during the stay, your child will build close ties with children from different cultures and backgrounds. International friendships that he or she can keep well beyond the end of the stay. This cultural openness develops respect and tolerance, understanding of others and empathy. These are values that we are all trying to instil in our children.

In addition to creating good memories and opening him to multiculturalism, it creates a network of valuable contacts! The friendships that are created during summer camps often survive time, thanks to the help of social media. This international network will certainly benefit his future life, whether it be professionally or personally.

Human skills

Learning a new language is an experience in itself, but as you might have guessed by now, the language is not the only skill developed in a summer camp. This experience also allows your child to develop his personal skills. These behavioural skills, “soft skills”, are highly sought after in the professional world and appreciated for a healthy work environment. These includes team spirit, autonomy, initiative, creativity, caring, decision-making, resilience to stress… All the elements that you learn outside of school and that impact your child’s emotional intelligence. Without really realising it, your child grows from this adventure that you thought simply linguistic !

Personal development

To be autonomous, to adapt, to push one’s limits, to open oneself to other cultures are all factors that increase self-confidence and personal development. During a language course, your child learns that he / she is capable, that he / she has the necessary resources to manage on his own, make friends and thrive. His self-esteem will grow thanks to these «small» victories in an environment and a language that are unfamiliar to him: asking his way around, choosing a sports activity, borrowing an eraser, questioning the content of a course and many more. Your child will keep this self-confidence far beyond his stay. It will serve him day after day to build and face the future challenges that await him.

To go further

The benefits mentioned above, as well as self-confidence, are further developed through certain activities offered in summer camp abroad. Here are some examples :

  • English in action”, that is, encouraging participants to take concrete actions to practice English. This reinforces your child’s assertiveness;
  • project work”, a set of fun projects to be done in small groups to apply the linguistic knowledge seen in class. Your child equally develops his organisational skills as well as his ability to collaborate with others;
  • critical thinking”, an ability considered indispensable nowadays. Your child is trained to analyse, synthesize, observe and formulate an opinion;
  • true me”, evening activities that increase awareness and self-confidence.

One thing is now certain: a language course is beneficial for more than one reason and in many areas, for today and tomorrow.

Your child is far from being an adult… and has plenty of time to become one ! Summer camp are a way to give him some extra keys and tools, to become a citizen of tomorrow.

Finding the stay that will best suit your child, is our job. His development, his path to independence and to success is our mission.