English, your child and EDUCOM : bespoke adventures for every child

In 2022, English is the most spoken language in the world, slightly in front of Mandarin. More than a Billion people know the language, as their mother tongue or not. Like its user, the diversity of its teaching methods is impressive. At EDUCOM, we are conscious of the number of options that are available, and we have at heart to equip our “adults to be” with the best chances of success for their professional future. Working alongside more than 250 partners worldwide, our objective is to help you find the solution that best fits your child’s needs. For this reason, our advice philosophy relies on your child’s unique way of learning.

Dear Parents, in this article you will discover the breath of the English language: its culture, its universality and its educational diversity. And discover the added value of EDUCOM’s bespoke guidance in finding the most appropriate programme for your child.

Learning a language in a comprehensive manner

Mastering a language’s grammar and vocabulary is an important step, especially at school. However, this doesn’t not necessarily make us bilingual. To be able to understand behind the scenes of a language is essential. Whether it is written comprehension, press articles or a report for example, or oral comprehension, such as a conversation or a debate, you need to grasp the meaning behind the words.

Beyond listening and understanding, the ability to answer is imperative. A person incapable of expressing himself/herself in a language cannot pretend mastering it. Debating, exchanging ideas, communicating your needs; your child needs to be able to do so. Should it be by phone, videoconference or in person.

Each language finds its origins in one or several countries. It is part of the culture in which it exists. Thoughts, behaviours, traditions and arts are rooted in the culture to which they belong. If English is spoken worldwide, the different Anglo-Saxon countries have very different characteristics. The English spoken in the US won’t be the same as the one in Great-Britain or in Canada. The linguistic nuances and diversity of each culture are part of the language educational journey.

English is everywhere

Its universality makes it an essential language. The list of countries teaching English in school is impressive. Wherever your child is in his school years, he will evidently be in contact with this language at one point or another. Should it be in a family trip, a journey with friends or during his studies. Should it be in the media is uses: TV documentary, a film on a streaming platform, a podcast, a magazine or simply in his school homework. And obviously later in his professional career : if he is aiming for an international career, looking for a job in an anglosaxon company or working alongside English speaking partners.

English is everywhere and sometimes it is the only option. Learning English is an investment for the future.

A solution for each and every child

Each child is unique. Just as his ability to learn English. Paolo will not have the same ease as Camilla. Leo will have different interest than Giudio. Without talking about Sabrina’s specific needs… In school, there is little room for personalising the lessons to the child’s needs. However some additional options can speed up the acquisition of the language or simply make it more fun. There are many options available for your child, such as Summer Camps and Language Courses. At EDUCOM, we make sure you find the best solution for your child, for his situation, for his needs. That is our mission.

From 6 to 22 years old, beginner or bilingual, shy or extravert, struggling in school or achieving excellent results, literary, creative, sportive or artistic, we will find the solution for him. We are by your side before, during and after the amazing experiences we propose.

A few examples of personal situations and the matching solution

Depending on the life stage, the state of mind, the abilities and interests of your child, you will find below a sample of options that could fit his needs.

Scott, 7 year old, he is sportive and doesn’t enjoy sitting down for long hours: we have camps specifically adapted for your children that will focus on outdoor learning and activities.

Sabina, 12 years old, good student, curious but needs to brush up her English : morning language lessons and afternoon fun and activities is the perfect combination for her.

Henry, 14 years old, loves tennis and had an excellent academic year, he deserves some summer fun: a summer camp without any language lessons. The student chooses a sport or two in which he/she will have an intensive training throughout the day. Being immerge in the English language, he will practice his/her favourite sport : golf, tennis, horse riding, dance, basketball, sailing, hockey and many more !

Stella, 15 year old, she is more creative than academic. Many artistic options are available: design, fashion, cooking, media, film production, music,… And obviously, all of them in English.

Lucia and Isabella, 16-year-old, love travelling and discovering new places. A journey through a country will allow them to be immersed in the local culture while doing some community service and leadership activities. These fantastic trips, mainly comprised of American students, is an excellent way to combine enrichment, cultural discovery and English language.

Luca, 17 year old, hesitates between two professional streams. There are many pre-university programmes in the US or the UK allowing students to experience their chosen subject. These courses will not only help them in their choice, but equally be an added value for their university applications. All the courses, are given in English, aim to bring knowledge in a large variety of fields, far beyond simply gaining in linguistic ability: business, law, economics, international relations, psychology, architecture, engineering, artificial intelligence, medicine or neurosciences…


In 2022, English was spoken by more than a billion people. It is a universal language that is not taught in a universal way. Your child has many options to master it. At EDUCOM, we pride ourselves in finding the best solution to help him/her progress and enjoy the experience alongside it. Working with over 250 exceptional camps, schools and organisations, we know the perfect solution for him/her exists !

Your child will be more than a statistic in the billions of people who speak the English language. He will have gained the skills, knowledge and ease required to access the international scene of the future career awaiting for him.